Adding Content запись

Step 2: Adding Content

Creating Pages

To add a new page for your website,

1. Go to Pages > Add New.



2. Use the Text box to entitle your page.



3. Add content using WYSIWYG editor.



Use the large area below the title to write a text and insert images.

  • Along with standard formatting options like bold, italics, and bullet points, there are two specific tools – the link and quote tools.
  • Highlight text and click the Insert/ Edit link button to create or change a URL.
  • Highlight text and click the Remove link button to delete a URL.
  • Highlight text and click the Blockquote button to create an indented quote.
  • Click the Add Media button to add a media file.
  • In open window click the Select files button or just drop files anywhere to upload.
  • Click the Insert into post button after file uploading.To upload files from WordPress directory, simply open the Media Library tab > choose the file > click the Insert into post button.

    Add your page’s title, media and content.


4. Configure Page Attributes.

  • Use the Parent drop-down list box to select a parent page for the created page. It will help to create a menu with drop-down submenus for your site.
  • Use the Template drop-down list to choose the page template from the following options:This is a functionality of the theme. Move on to Configuring Custom Page Templates to customize meta parameters for different page templates.If you want to customize a layout of a particular page, use Layout pane when you create or edit a page.

    First edit global settings for all pages, then layouts options page by page.

  • Use the Order text box to define the order of appearance for the pages.


5. Publish pane:

  • Use this section to change the page Status, Visibility, and Publishing date.
  • You can also save page draft, preview the created page and publish it using the respective buttons:


6. Layout pane:

Default values of layout can be set from Theme Options- Layout Editor section. If you want to customize a layout of a particular page, use Layout pane when you create or edit a page. You can customize the layout of the certain page here:

  • Choose the layout for this page.
  • Use the check box to choose full width for this page.
  • Use the text box to specify the width of the Content Area
  • Use the check box to show Featured Image in single page/post viewNOTE: Customization possibilities differ depending on the chosen page template.If you want to apply one kind of layouts to all pages, click Appearance > Theme Options > Layout Editor.


7. The Featured image pane allows you to associate an image with your post without inserting it. The featured image is used as a post thumbnail on the home page, a custom header, etc.

To set the featured image for your post, do the following:

  • Click Set featured image.
  • When the Featured Image menu opens, select the Upload Files tab to upload a new image or the Media Library tab to select the image from the library.
  • Select the required image. You may enter the title, caption, alt text and description for the selected image.
  • Click Set featured image.


8. Observe created pages in the All Pages tab.

To set the featured image for your post, do the following:

  • Use the Bulk Actions drop-down list to edit or move to trash several pages.
  • Use the All dates drop-down list, the Filter button or the Search field to find a certain page.